31 Oct

Siobhan’s Story – Riders on the Storm

Siobhan’s Story – Riders on the Storm.

“Live your life in truth, as truth is freedom; lies are a never ending maze that grows. Take some time each day to be silent, what you hear will truly surprise you.” – Pamela Sutherland #PSMyWords


I have always believed in the old gods – they provided hope and stability. -RM MyQuote- 

(The Witches, the Sea Ogre and the Sea Snail)

Join me as the Witching Hour approaches and we will face the struggle together. Read More

14 Jul

Tiffy-Lou and the Witches of Wyre


Then hurrah for the Lancashire witches
Whose smiles every bosom enriches –
Oh, dearly I prize the pretty blue eyes,
Of the pride of the Lancashire witches.

(Axon Ballads 069)


There is a large boulder by the side of the path in the churchyard of St Anne’s in Woodplumpton and a small sign says that it marks the grave of Meg Shelton – a local witch in the late seventeenth century. Meg was known as the “Fylde Hag” and apparently got up to all sorts of mischief – stealing the milk from other people’s cattle and transforming herself into animals, etc. Read More