Wyre Words picture of River Wyre


Welcome to Wyre Words.

Hey, you’ve found your way here across the airwaves to the place I call home. Hello and welcome.

Please take your time to look around and I hope you’ll keep returning to follow my journey and, hopefully, enjoy the views along the way.

Thoughts and words are my own unless otherwise attributed, and are not intended to cause offence to anyone, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

On political matters I’m a supporter of the “None of the Above” brigade, feeling totally disenfranchised by our current sham of a democracy and want to see Honesty, Responsibility and Accountability in our corrupt government. End of rant.

But my focus is definitely on enjoying life, relaxing, and the simple pleasures. I am fortunate to live beside the River Wyre and close to the sea in an area which provides me with many of the ideas and inspiration for my stories.

Some of my short stories come from a land of magic myth and legend beyond the world we know and are written for children of all ages from 4 to 104. Some stories are based on actual experiences. My poems may be born from a word overheard, a view seen, an idea, a request. Blogs on the other hand generally reflect what I see or hear going on around me.

Not quite over the hill yet, but getting there and I’d be delighted to have you come along with me on my rambles through words, coast and countryside.

If there is a Society of Village Idiots then I’m an advocate and fully qualified member.

Above all, enjoy and have fun.

A note on Copyright

All content produced here is copyright unless otherwise stated, please feel free to point people to it by sending links out, if you want to re-use anything off here please ask first and we’ll get along just fine, if you steal it I get grumpy and nobody likes a grumpy writer.

All other content is copyright its respective owners.