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Misty Mornings

Misty Mornings

Early morning Mist on the meadow.
Vapour trails, white lines crossing.
Blue sky above, winter sun hangs low,
Along the lane, coloured leaves still falling.

Early morning Mist on the hillside,
Swirling all around at knee height
Can’t see the ground beneath our feet,
Tread with care but savour the sight.

Early morning Mist on the river
Trees all bare now, in the frost they shiver.
Gorse flowers bloom like bushes of fire
As scents and blossoms pervade the cold air.

Early morning Mist on the outside
Peek through the curtains, stay inside
No work today, no walking either
Crawl back into bed and under the eider.

(C) R Morton 10 Oct 2015