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Rise of The Singlies

Rise of the Singlies

It is time to change.

It is time to change the misconception by big business franchises, hotels, breweries, pub bars, restaurants etc that the UK is full of couples, married, cohabiting or whatever proclivities take their fancy.

The fact is there are far more single people than couples in the UK and, according to the divorce statistics, that figure is growing by the day.

But blinkered pub bar restaurant chains in their greed for ever more profits to pay dividends to their avaricious shareholders continue to push 2 for 1 deals on meals, or, say, 2 for a £10er. You’ve all seen the signs, they are everywhere.

But those same companies could make even more profit if they offered straight-forward decently priced deals for single diners instead of robbing them in order to subsidise couples’ bills.

It’s not rocket science, it just needs companies to get rid of their portion-control-freak accountants and blind or blinkered university degree directors with no life experience, and just get real. They are all missing a trick.

Hotels charge single room supplements but, duhhh, those same rooms would more than likely be empty anyway; so they’d not be bringing in any revenue at all.

So what do they all offer the majority of the population who are single?

Answer: Sweet FA.

My local village pub, the Bay Horse in Thornton Lancashire, has been variously described as “an adult dining experience” by previous so called ‘brewery’ owners – but there’s no sign of any table dancers or topless waitresses, or male strippers to titillate the ladies. And the latest brewery owners still make the mistake of describing the location as being in Blackpool – some 5 miles away. It shows how much they know, or care.

And on TripAdvisor it is shown as a “Gastro Pub”; wrong wrong wrong on all counts – it is a village pub that serves ting-ting meals (microwave in case you’re wondering) and, for a number of reasons, trade is dropping off so fast I fear for its future. But it does have THE Best beer garden on the Fylde Coast.

But this isn’t all about me and my ‘local’, it is about all of us Singlies, wherever we are in the UK, who are victims of discrimination against single people .

If you are single and feel the same as me then let’s all get together as one voice and demand change.

It is against the law to discriminate against Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Muslims, the Thought Police are everywhere, yet so many UK pub / restaurant businesses blatantly and openly discriminate against Single People with impunity. You can see the signs everywhere. Two for One means one thing, Single People have to pay twice as much for a meal as two people each eating that same meal – but seated and ordering together. That is Single Discrimination plain and simple, and it must be stopped.

It isn’t only the ‘hospitality’ sector that is guilty of Single Discrimination; I even saw a notice in a Northern Rail carriage just a couple of days ago offering 1/3 off the price for two people travelling together on their trains. Ok, I know there are numerous railcard discounts for various qualifiers, and yes I do qualify for a Senior Railcard but it does seem that there is an element of discrimination against Single People there too.

It doesn’t end there either. No doubt you could add other cases of Discrimination against Single People from your own experiences, the points that I have mentioned here are a few that immediately come to mind.

So come on all you Singlies out there. Rise up. It’s time to shake the trees, it’s time to rattle the cage; it’s time to end the discrimination against Single People by the ignorant mindless accountant-led corporate status quo – for the benefit of all.

Be Single. Be Proud. Be You. Be an Individual. Together we CAN make a change. Join the movement and make change happen.

Shareholders in the companies concerned are only in it for the dividends, the companies for the profits. Wake up you guys, stop discriminating against Single People and start encouraging us into your premises – and watch your profits and dividends rise exponentially. It’s not rocket science, just plain and simple joined up thinking, oh, and experience – something those university graduate young gun accountants just out of short pants seemingly never learn (or maybe are never taught?)

Let us all join together and turn our collective lone voices into a concerted chorus and shout it out loud: “I’m Single and I have rights”.

Spread the word.

Together we can make a difference.

Together we can make it happen.

Let’s do it.