Wyre Words picture of River Wyre

Wyre Waters Ebb & Flow

Wyre Waters Ebb & Flow

Out along the wild Fylde Coast
Where flowing waters meet
And the River Wyre runs dry,
Where does the rolling sea go
On the ebbing of the tide?

When the air is clear as crystal
And the bay a blue flat calm
With gentle breezes wafting
Along a golden sandy shore
Relax in nature’s joy unfolding.

At Rossall Point look out to see
Where battling currents meet
Beside the ever changing strand.
A wondrous place, where seals glance
At strangers walking on the shore.

Brightly coloured beach umbrella
Paddling parents, children splash at leisure
Flying kites and ice cream melting.
Fishermen with rods and baited lines
And a solitary grey seal has taken all the fish.

Across the bay the sky turns grey,
Watch as storm clouds gather
Growing ever darker, moving even faster.
Observe the swinging moods of nature
Mirrored by the changing of the sea.

Billowing clouds race shoreward
Over swelling sea and tide.
Colours changing constantly
From blue to grey to turgid brown
As white horses stampede across the brine.

Where sands of time are flowing
And red sun sets to end another day.
As night must fall a new dawn awaits
The howling of the winds
And the crashing of the waves.

Russ Morton: 2nd June – 2nd August 2014.